About Creez

Creez is an athletic apparel brand that sells high quality performance wear for the people who lead healthy lifestyles and want to do so in a comfortable and-yet fashionable-way.

Creez is a unique concept in the true sense of the word. The brand deals with the revolutionary idea of athleisure – athletic or gym wear that can be worn off the gym or sports. Creez defines a highly refined form of creativity and innovation in fashion. It brings to the market the trendsetting concept of advanced gym wear. We have attempted to infuse style and high fashion into athletic wear which gave birth to the Creez brand.

At Creez, we firmly believe that athletic wear should have a broader application and should not be restricted to gym, sports and yoga. The idea was to create a unique and revolutionary fashion line that can be worn beyond the gym or sports arena with everyday heels or sneakers. People even do their daily chores in Creez active wears. It is chic and comfortable, making it a perfect substitute for regular denim.

Creez has expanded the supposed limits of fashion and performance. Sport-specific requirements in garments like temperature control wear, odour-killing fabrics and activity-tracking wearables are now the basic requirement of customers. Athletes can look cool, relaxed and stylish in our creative gym wear.

Creez will not simply sell fitness apparel; it will sell an experience and a lifestyle that combines high fashion with health and wellness in a way that will enable Creez brand to become synonymous with stylish fitness apparel that evokes a modern athletic life. Creez aims at selling attitude and mindset in its products through positively educating people to engage towards healthy lifestyle.

More and more people are now embracing a healthier lifestyle and want to remain fitter. Our creations deliver a fine blend of functionality, comfort and style that you can wear anywhere and anytime. Our creations reflect elegance and style.

Our Value Proposition

With Creez, your wish of looking fit and healthy without having to compromise on the style element will definitely come true. We are committed to bring you the latest hip athleisure wears, made meticulously with fine craftsmanship. All our creations are made to provide you the best fitting, high level of comfort and amazing flexibility. Perform at your best consistently with our stylish product that guarantee solid performance because you are sure to feel great and comfortable in our creations.

Fashion That Works from Gym-to-Office

Our products are very aptly named gym-to-office. It means you can wear athleisure wear in your workout or gym as well as in your leisure time, in office or while going out with friends. It is an all-day athletic wear. You don’t have to bother about carrying a different kind of dress for your social engagements. With Creeze, you will feel dressed right for any occasion.

Blends Technology with Creativity

During sports and while working out in a gym you wear outfits that can make you feel uncomfortable. But our revolutionary concept ensures that you won’t have to make compromises anymore. The benefits of advanced fabric technologies like moisture management, anti-static, anti-microbial, water repellent, water proof, high degree of color fastness and many others in our athleisure creation and you can take your performance to greater heights as you will be able to remain focused on your goals.

Quality Parameters

All our fabrics are of the finest quality and are appreciated for their luxurious softness, smooth texture, and breathability. Besides being highly durable, these fabrics are easily washable and offer high resistance to tear, shrinkage and pilling.

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